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Previous analysis conducted on the video recordings of the experiment [ 68 ] supports the use of three custom-made games with linear and constant progression from a boring to a stressful state, without predefined levels, modes, or stopping conditions as a valid approach for the exploration of facial behavior and physiological signals regarding their connection with emotional states. Previous results confirm with statistical significance that subjects perceived the games as being boring at the beginning and stressful at the end the games induced emotional states, that is, boredom and stress, and caused physiological reactions on subjects, that is, changes in HR. Analyses of such changes indicate that HR mean during the last minute of gameplay (perceived as stressful) was greater than during the second minute of gameplay (perceived as boring). An exploratory investigation suggests that HR mean during the first minute of gameplay was greater than during the second minute of gameplay, probably as a consequence of unusual excitement during the first minute, for example, idea of playing a new game. Finally manual and empirical analyses of the video recordings show more facial activity in stressful parts of the games compared to boring parts [ 66 ].

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