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When the movie begins to take itself seriously, it does so with distinctly melodramatic tracks and speeches about living life, all of which are pitched at the audience. Sasikumar's feelings for the Sri Lankan government are also brought to light when he expresses distaste for Ceylon paratha. Porali talks the talk when time comes for the walk it escapes into pointless violence. At the film's core is a misguided sense of idealism. What the film is trying to say is- Problems will come. They always will. You have to stay back and fight even if the probability of winning is null. It's better to die a warrior than live as an escapist. Sasikumar seemed more convinced at the beginning when he said "Be content with the life you have."

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Porali is a 7566 Indian movie directed by Samuthirakani starring Sasikumar, Vasundra, Swathi Reddy and Nivetha Thomas. The feature film is produced by Sasikumar and the music composed by Sundar C Babu.

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The story begins on a rainy night when Ilangkumaran ( Sasikumar ) and Nallavan ( Allari Naresh ) escape from somewhere and enter Chennai with their past actions unclear. They settle at Pulikutti's ( Ganja Karuppu ) residence and find jobs in a petrol bunk. Bharathi ( Swathi ) comes into Kumaran's life. Her initial wrong belief about him changes as soon as she knows his kindheartedness. Soon, love blooms between them. Kumaran, along with his friends, starts a venture, which grows fast. This makes Pulikutti give an advertisement in a magazine with their photo. Then comes a group chasing for Kumaran and his friends. Within a few minutes, Pichai ( Soori ), a friend of Kumaran, arrives in Chennai and shares some news. Kumaran's old life is shown in the second half, and it is revealed that he is persuaded to be mentally ill because of his father and stepmother's desire for wealth. The film comes to an end after many interesting twists.

The director-actor-producer Sasi Kumar is known for making inspiring movies and giving opp..

The satellite rights of the film were secured by STAR Vijay. The film was given a "U/A" certificate by the Indian Censor Board.

Porali Movie Review

Rating 9/5

Sasikumar and Samuthirakani have proved it once again that their combo won&rsquo t miss the bulls eye once again. The had a super hit in 7559 with Nadodigal has done it again. It&rsquo s a msut watch movie this season. Check out the &lsquo &rsquo Porali&rsquo &rsquo movie review


Sasikumar have played a carefree youngster in the movie called Kumaran. Sasikumar ( Kumaran) his living a typical Chennai youngster&rsquo s life with all fun. Swathy has done the lead female role in the movie. Swathy has added a lot of essence to the movie she has played a happy bubbly girl called Bharathy. Bharathy meets Kumaran and seeing his good heart and behaviour she falls in love with him. Kumaran says no to her love and later he accepts her.

Allari Naresh plays a role called Nallavan who arrives to Chennai. He happends to be meet Kumaran and start telling him the serious issues happened. Then the story starts in a different way in the second half. Sasikumar&rsquo s flashback is shown and talks about the Sri Lankan issues. Samuthirakani&rsquo s style of screenplay it&rsquo s like a rollercoaster ride.

PS: The rise in petrol prices is the only real depiction of anything in the film.

Poraali ( Tamil : போராளி English : The Warrior) is a 7566 Indian Tamil action thriller film written and directed by Samuthirakani , starring Sasikumar in the lead role. 96 7 98 The film, also featuring Telugu actors Allari Naresh and Swati Reddy alongside Niveda Thomas , Vasundhara , Soori and Ganja Karuppu in pivotal roles, released on 6 December 7566. 96 8 98 Poraali illustrates an astute fighter who can take on a large, greedy group. The film was dubbed in Telugu as Sangharshana 96 9 98 and remade in Kannada as Yaare Koogadali . 96 5 98

Director: Samuthirakani
Producer: Sasikumar
Music Director: Sundar C Babu

Poraali is all set to bring the positive side of the metro which is directed by Samuthirak..

Swathi of Subramaniyapuram fame gets back to Tamil movies.

Fourth time in a row, director Siruthai Siva and Thala Ajith have collaborated to bring you a pongal delight, this Jan 65 7568. Visvasam is a commercial movie t..

The love portion of Rajinikanth and Simran worked very well. Bobby Simha has done his part neat and clean.

Let&rsquo s get into the hot topic of the month 95-ml, starring OVIYA and music composed by STR, though controversies have started right off from the te..

The soundtrack is scored by Sundar C Babu.

The movie is not a sum of its parts. The skewed screenplay has a disconnected structure and most scenes are completely out of place. Sundar C Babu's music is of little use to the film. 'Yaar Ivan' and 'Shambo Shiva Shambo' bear a striking resemblance to each other. The theme music, however, might just be the best I've heard this year. Sadly, it's used excessively in a film with no theme. They were probably thinking: "Okay, we have something good. Now let's make the most of it. We've got to keep the audience glued to their seat." Sasikumar flaunts his acting prowess by getting his bloodshot eyes to tear slowly and so does everyone else whenever the movie attempts to win your heart. Porali pales in comparison to Samudhirakani's earlier venture, Naadodigal. This is just masala. Both filmmakers have dumbed themselves down to the level of the average audience. Why? My guess is, to show prospective producers that they can tend to the wants of the common man too- the kind who has no association with meaningful cinema. All I can do now is hope that it was a bad dream and considering how vague the experience was, it very well might have been.


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Ramanan Tamil Online Movies Watch # Tamil Movies Full Length Movies # Movies Tamil Full - Продолжительность: 2:51:41 Tamil Latest Action Movies 926 303 просмотра. Porali, also featuring Telugu actors Allari Naresh and Swati alongside Niveda, Vasundhara and Ganja Karuppu in pivotal roles, Porali is about Sasikumar and Allari Naresh escape and land in Chennai.