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Attributes in Clang — Clang 12 documentation

One can use module maps without modules to check the integrity of the use of header files. To do this, use the -fimplicit-module-maps option instead of the -fmodules option, or use -fmodule-map-file= option to explicitly specify the module map files to load.

GitHub - yaruopooner/ac-clang: auto-complete + clang for MSVC

Query for this feature with __has_extension(attribute_deprecated_with_message) and __has_extension(attribute_unavailable_with_message) .

How to get the source text from line number using clang?

The Clang Diagnostics subsystem is an important part of how the compiler communicates with the human. Diagnostics are the warnings and errors produced when the code is incorrect or dubious. In Clang, each diagnostic produced has (at the minimum) a unique ID, an English translation associated with it, a SourceLocation to “put the caret”, and a severity (., WARNING or ERROR ). They can also optionally include a number of arguments to the diagnostic (which fill in “%5“‘s in the string) as well as a number of source ranges that related to the diagnostic.


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Get LLVM and Clang source code here. I got version . From reading the source code of LLVM in lib/Transforms/IPO/ I found that LLVM